Thursday, April 23, 2015

Every Dollar

Did you know that 70% of American's are living paycheck to paycheck? That is scary! And if you have $10 in your pocket and no debts, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans? Let's change those statistics!

I'm super excited to announce that I've been chosen to be a part of the Every Dollar Task Force. A group put together by the Dave Ramsey team to spread the news about their amazing new {FREE}  budgeting app. I'm very passionate about budgeting, and would love to share this with you and help you save money. Check it out here:

You can use it on your iPhone, computer, or there is an android version coming very soon. Let's change those numbers and get started on saving today! This one small change now, can change our futures forever! 

In the words of the awesome Dave Ramsey- "You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you."

Monday, April 20, 2015

You Know You're a Good Mom...

You know you're a good mom when, after battling an epic tantrum, you sneak into your closet and sob on the floor. Wondering if you're doing anything right. Worrying if you should've handled the situation better. Questioning everything, your whole outlook on parenting. Which parenting style is the best? Do you deserve to be a mother when you yelled instead of used a calm voice? Gave into your child because you couldn't take the screaming one more second?

In my opinion, the good Mom's are the one's that care the most. Question the most. Worry we're screwing up our kids. Because a bad mom wouldn't care at all.

When you feel like you're doing everything wrong, take a look at your child. Are they happy? Healthy? Well fed?

It's so easy to pile on the Mommy guilt, and look at other Mom's and feel like they are perfect. But, talk to them. Get real. Ask. I bet they're having just as hard a time as you. Being a parent is hard. It's holy work. It can feel like a grind. It's exhausting, and overwhelming at times. But, also wonderful. Amazing. Exciting.

Take a look into your child's eyes. See the world with their sense of wonder. Take a little time to ask them things and really listen to their response.

I've had a really rough week in the parenting department. A defiant and independent threenager. Little sleep. Lots of tantrums. Overwhelming and exhausting. But, after a good night of sleep (finally!) things seem a little easier. This little fella of mine is teaching his Momma patience. Teaching me to slow down. Teaching me to enjoy the little things. I'm learning not to over schedule myself, to take the time to stop and play. Exactly what I needed to learn.

When your little one is testing you, remember, this will be over. This longest day will end. I'm not going to say you have to cherish each day, especially the hard ones. But, I promise, they'll be over too soon.

Hang in there Good Mom. You're doing your best. You are enough. You are the most amazing person in the world to your little one. Believe me. Even after this tantrum filled weekend, when I thought my child hated me- he woke up in the middle of the night and asked for Mommy. He just wanted a cuddle. They need you. They love you. Don't be too hard on yourself, Mom. You are awesome!


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Monday, April 13, 2015

I {DID} Marry My Best Friend

I've seen a lot of articles being passed around lately entitled "I Didn't Marry My Best Friend," or something similar. In short, they are talking about the importance of friends, which I think is absolutely true. But, here's where they don't apply to me. Because I DID, in fact, marry mine.

My now husband and I were friends long before we began dating. We shared the same interests, activities, and could spend hours just talking. We became the best of friends before we even considered taking our relationship to the next level. I think this is hugely important. If you don't have a lot in common with your spouse, you're going to have a long lifetime ahead of you.

I am of the small group of people that believe marriage is truly forever. I don't believe in divorce. It's not for me. I picked the spouse I have on purpose. I knew most everything about him before I even started dating him. I knew from the start he would be an amazing husband and father. Even before I knew he would be mine. We always say it's him and I against the world. And that is absolutely true.

I love my friends- I do. And I think time spent with friends is really important to my overall sanity and well being. But, if my spouse was not my very best friend, I feel like I'd be missing out. Think about it. Who do you spend the most time with? The hours after the littles go to bed? Those early mornings? Who has seen you at your absolute best, and worst?

The bible says, in Ephesians 5:31, "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." 

If I am going to be "of one flesh" with someone, you bet your booty I want that to be my best friend.

I am not saying that these articles I've read are wrong. But they just don't apply to me. I want to grow old with my husband. I want to spend hours in conversation with him. I want to share the same interests. Yes, we do have hobbies that we do alone, but overall we're cut from the same cloth.

If you didn't marry your best friend, it's not too late for your spouse to become your best friend. Spend more time together. Find a shared hobby/interest you can do together. We can always improve and continue working and growing in our marriage.

I hope I didn't offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. This has just been weighing on my heart since I read those articles, and I thought I would share my feelings.

Please share with me why or why you didn't marry your best friend!


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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Reviews

Since, as specified in my header, I am an avid reader- starting this month I'm going to do a monthly book review on the blog. Reading is one of my passions, and I'd love to share that with my fellow book lovers. It may be a new book, old book, my book club's read, or just a random one I've chosen. I love all genres and both fiction and non-fiction. I'll be joining up with my good friend over at The Mama Bomb.Com, and she'll be reviewing as well. Feel free to join us on this journey. This month I will be reviewing: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. Stay tuned!

Don't forget I'm also on the For the Love launch team, so I will be sharing more updates about that and a final review when it's released in August. Can't wait!

Feel free to follow my Goodreads page to see what I'm reading, what books I loved, etc.

I'd love to hear what you're reading and any recommendations you have for Must-Reads!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My New Positive Outlook

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a morning person. My first thought when rolling out of bed in the morning is either, "I hate mornings" or "Let's talk about how exhausted I am." But day after day of thinking this to myself began to wear on me. I realized that this pattern of negativity as soon as I woke up, was setting myself up to have a bad day, before the day even really began.

My new pledge is to wake up and think a positive thought, first thing. No more negativity. So this morning, even though I've been laid up with a stomach bug, I thought, "I got a long night of sleep last night." When the sun is shining, I think, "What a beautiful day!" I know it seems so simple. I know it sounds like it won't make a difference. But, try it. Give it a few days- a week. Start by telling yourself something positive as soon as you wake up. This one tiny change may really change your outlook on your entire day. It has made a big difference for me in the past few weeks.

Next on my list of things to do, is start a gratitude journal. Studies show when we write down what we're grateful for, we become more grateful. Think 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. (If you haven't read that book, do it!) I'll share my journal once I get it started.

Go ahead and give it a try- and please come back and share your results with me. Let me know if  this positive outlook positively influences you. And if it doesn't, let me know that too.

If you have a gratitude journal, I'd love to see how you all go about keeping those as well. Let's share them with each other- and be a positive influence on each other as well.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bloggy Moms

I'm one of the featured members over at Bloggy Moms today. Feel free to hop on over and check out my posts. I've only done two so far, but it's brand new to me and a fun way to blog about being a Mommy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inexpensive Easter Basket

Easter Baskets haven't been a huge priority in our home. Steven's first 2 years we didn't get him one, because he never would've noticed. And last year we bought him a pre-made one, which turned out to be really expensive and was filled with mostly candy. So, this year I set out to make a really inexpensive basket full of things that he would really like.

Off to the $ Tree, which is one of my favorite stores ever. I get craft supplies there, paper goods, party decor, and lots of fun toddler activities. And, I also love that every thing is only a dollar. They had a lot of really cute Easter stuff this year, so making an inexpensive basket was REALLY easy.

Here are the items that I included:

  • Some egg shaped sidewalk chalk- my little guy LOVES sidewalk chalk. It's fun and inspires creativity, win-win. 
  • Egg shaped silly-putty. He loves play-doh, so I figured he'd also enjoy the putty.
  • Egg shaped bubble blower. What toddler doesn't love bubbles?
  • Some Planes gummies
  • And I *could NOT* pass up those adorable bunny glasses, photo-op anyone?
I wasn't even going to include candy, since he will get plenty from other Easter activities, but he is Planes obsessed, so I thought I'd better get it. And I even got that basket, which I thought was really cute. They had a huge selection of baskets this year too, plastic or woven.

Some other Easter basket ideas:

  • An Easter book
  • Coloring Books
  • Small cars/animals/etc
  • A small game
  • New shirt
  • Crayons/Paints
  • A new movie
The possibilities are endless, and do not have to expensive at all. They will enjoy the Easter activities much more than the basket anyway, especially at this age.

What are your favorite things to include in your child's Easter basket?

*This was NOT a sponsored post- I just really love the $ Tree*

For more great Frugal Easter Ideas- check out my friend The Mama Bomb's Easter post!