Friday, December 3, 2010 lil ribbon tree!

I was looking for some cute decor ideas for Christmas and I came across this one here: Ribbon Trees. I ran with the idea and I came up with one of my own...

I started with these materials:

 A foam "tree"

 Some cute Holiday-y ribbon

and my handy-dandy pink glue gun. (Notice how it's covered in hot glue- as are my fingers as I type this!)

I then cut my ribbon into around 4 inch strips, as the other site instructed to do so. I eyeballed the amount and just checked to see what I thought looked best:

Then, I hot-glued the ribbon to itself:

Then, I attached it to the "tree"

...continuing all the way around:

Then, on to the next row.

Then, the third (kinda redundant?)

Repeat with previous 2 colors...

And...just because I could, I made a topper using a tiny ornament, bought in a pack of like 18 for $1 at Target!

 I love it!
If you haven't noticed, pretty much all my decorations are silver and red this year...I'm into those colors right now.When I was finished with my tree I placed it in my little "village", which I'm still working on decorating...

I know, still unfinished... a little later I'll post how I made the other "beaded tree"...


  1. Very cute! I love the different ribbons you used. Thank you for linking up to Homemade Christmas!