Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally- A Hutch Re-do

I'm sorry, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, and haven't blogged for WEEKS!!! I have been super busy and enjoying this outdoor weather, and just couldn't find the time to sit at my computer, and load all of my pics. Since it's been storming today, and I've finished my cleaning, I decided to share one of my recent posts. My sis in law (who is very creative, but doesn't have a blog of her own) and I decided to re-do an old hutch that she had in her dining room area. I don't have a really good before pic because I was so excited about actually doing the project that I forgot until after we'd taken the doors off. But, here she is:

 A little rough for sure, they have four kids, and this thing has been passed down a couple of families.

After a lot of sanding, we pit 2 coats of primer on her.

And then 2 coats of a satin black paint.

Added some new hardware- and she's looking much better.

Then I left and had to take the remaining pics like a week later, it's back in their dining room and already has a bunch of fingerprints from their 4 boys, but still, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT.

It's crazy what a couple of coats of paint can do! Soon, they're wanting to paint their old cabinets black too, because they plan on remodeling their kitchen in the next year or two. So there may be a post about that in the future.

What do you think?! I LOVE it. I wanna find something at my house to paint!~


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Monday, March 7, 2011

Thin Mints!

If you've seen my facebook updates, you'd see that I am about ready to cry because I haven't gotten any thin mints...yet. Whist waiting in agony, I found some creative ideas from some fellow bloggers.

yes, please!!!

Over at DIY Louisville...
Coffee and thin mints?! Those sound okay in my book! :-)

And, last but not least Mom's of All Trades -they made homemade thin mints don't even have to hunt down any girl scout's for these!

These all look super-delish, and I'll probably have to try at least one of them VERY soon! Maybe I'll nab me a box of thin mints tomorrow!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


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Crocheted Headband

So, while reading up on my crafty blog list I came across this knotted headband tutorial. I am just learning to crochet, but this is simple enough that I could pull it off. Mine is def. not as good as the original, but I love it. Here's how it went down...

I made the two chains in the lengths that the tutorial mentioned (300 and 160). Laid them out as suggested, and knotted them up.

I loved this color yarn, thinking it would stand out pretty well with my naturally almost black hair.

Glued some yellow ribbon around the ends, and put a thinner ribbon as the piece that holds it together. The headband from the original tutorial did this part much better, but I wasn't looking at the tutorial when I did this step, whoopsie! I still like how it turned out- and it fit my head perfectly.

Don't mind how terrible I look, I took these pics late at night after a looooong day! But, for the sake of blogging, I will post awful pics of myself! lol

I like how the original's was thicker and maybe a heavier yarn, but I love this color and can't wait to try it in a few more colors. Practice makes perfect!

Thanks for reading, until next time- Happy Blogging!


Friday, March 4, 2011


This week I have been working on transforming a hutch from scratched up, old, ugly wood to a black beauty. Just waiting for the paint to dry so we can add the new to come soon.

Whilst refurbishing, I've been thinking about the stuff I can spruce up around my house. I'm definitely working on my horrendously ugly laundry room first, but I also plan on updating my bedroom ASAP. Here's what I've been thinking so far...

This is the furniture I already have in my room (the bed, dresser, and one night stand). So, I'm trying to work around that (this is NOT my bedroom, just a pic I found with the exact same furniture).

Here's the new paint color I've been mulling over-

It's Glidden's "Antique Silver". I was wanting a slate like light blue that would be creamy and soft, but not look like a baby boys room. I think I've found it with this color!

I've also been wanting a an accent chair in the corner between the windows where I can sit and read- so far I've found these two cuties.

This may not be my final choice, but this is the type of look I'm going for.

I also found some curtains, at Kmart of all places! I can't find them online, but they're white sheer panels with a silver quatrafoil-y design...LOVE! I may buy them this weekend even though it may be months before I get to the bedroom. I can't let them get discontinued! Heehee!

That's what has been going on with me. Hopefully soon I'll get started on the laundry room now that the living room reno is about finished up- will post some pics on the finished project soon!

Until then- Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simple Spring Wreaths

So, I'm totally skipping St. Patrick's Day as a crafter and going straight on to Easter. I wouldn't really consider these "Easter Wreaths", just more "springy" ones.

So, here goes. I made two wreaths this week, one simple one and one that I am going to call "spunky".

The first thing I started with was a trip to the Dollar Tree...who doesn't love that store? Everything for a dollar?!...heck yes! That's where I picked up these supplies:

 And I just kind of threw it all together using my handy dandy glue gun...

I made a loop with some ribbon to hang it.

Glued some flowers on.

Glued some glittery eggs on the other side.

and voila! A super easy, simple wreath for my door. I love the simplicity!

My next wreath is a "spunky" wreath, it looks like it would be better suited in a little girl's room...who knows, my niece may be getting a wreath for her room! 

It started with the same trip to the Dollar Tree.

Some wrapping of ribbon.

I hot glued every few turns on the backside to make sure it stayed put.

and glued it securely to the back. I use this same spot to place my hanger on the wreath.

And did the same as before, after some trial and error she turned out like this...

I'd say spunky, yet super springy! Just what this dreary cold day needed...and it fits perfectly amongst my ugly, yet to be replaced door!

So, there it is... my Simple Spring Wreaths. I've been working on some more cute headbands this week, but that is another post!

And for those of you that have been keeping up- here's a living room update...

 I bought these two things and just got them hung last night (pics to come soon!)

 finished our lil picture area.

 bought a little coat rack...

and here's my ginormous television. (Whatever is plugged in down there is not part of the t.v.- all of our components are in the closet, which makes it super nice since they're all put away.) We also have some stuff hung around it now too- no pics yet. I also got a few more adorable finds at TJ Maxx and Hob Lob today. I will share those ASAP....until then...

Happy Blogging!


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