Friday, July 29, 2011


Just started using Pinterest, so if you would like to see what I'm LOVING at the here!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Gummy Bear!

Ultrasound went great! Got to see our little baby bouncing around in my belly...looked just like a gummy bear! No pictures though :-( Heartbeat looked good, and bloodwork and everything else is perfect too. Can't believe how well it's all going, hoping and praying it stays this way. We should be 10 weeks on Wednesday, so I keep telling myself- we're 1/4 the way there.........

Sunday, July 17, 2011

a happy birthday...and nervousness ensues.

This weekend was absolutely wonderful. My hubby got me a kindle for my bday, I got some other great gifts and spent a TON of time with family. Love Love Love! Yesterday hubby took me to Greenwood and we went to all the baby stores and looked at ALL the stuff we want for this little one...dreaming...wishing...and hoping. I even picked out some bedding possibilities depending on if we have a boy or a girl...check it out.

 Can you sense a theme?....I LOVE owls!

We had SO much fun, and then we got to see his grandparents who made us dinner, and we just got to spend a lot of time hanging out. A wonderful weekend all in all...

Now comes the nervousness. Dr. appt. tomorrow morning. An ultrasound was scheduled 2 weeks ago when we couldn't hear the heartbeat with an on top of the belly ultrasound. I wasn't far enough along to hear it that way, so there's no need to worry....but of course I am. Praying and keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes well, and we're measuring correctly, which should be right around 9 weeks, 5 days. Can't wait to post a new ultrasound pic, as I am trying my darndest to stay optimistic...