Tuesday, October 25, 2011

so many updates....

As usual I've been a bad, bad, bad blogger. We've just been busy bees around here, and by the time I have actual TIME to post, I'm about ready to conk out from exhaustion...So, here goes with all of our updates...

We're selling our house!!! We are actually selling it to my hubby's sister and her husband. It has been a great starter home for us, and are hoping they love it just as much. We also found a house that we REALLY love, and put in an offer which they accepted. And it's BRAND NEW, and dare I say it...has 3 bathrooms! Woo hoo! No more doing the potty dance outside of our 1 bathroom here. We did find a few things that needed to be addressed, but the building company is going to fix everything we asked them to. It's all working out wonderfully. Hubby goes to sign all the financing papers today, and we should be able to move by mid November...which is a good thing, since my prego belly is growing larger and larger by the week. I really didn't want to be moving at like 9 months, so this works out great.

As far as baby boy goes, he is looking great as well. Went to the Dr. last Monday and he is growing wonderfully. He weighed 1lb 3oz at the ultrasound and everything looked good. I can't believe how fast he's growing, and I'm beginning to feel him move around in there more and more each day. It's the most amazing thing I've ever felt! Can't wait til he gets here, but for now I'm enjoying getting to feel him kick around in there.

 There is his profile! 22w5d

As far as crafting goes, it's been kind of at a stand still for a while, as we are beginning to start packing everything for the move. Hoping to have some pics of when we actually move, and how we set everything up at the new house. As well as finally setting up the baby's room. As for now, sorry I've been so bad about blogging, but hopefully I'll get more consistent after the move.