Wednesday, December 28, 2011

finally an update!!!

Well, as you know I'm months behind in my blogging, but I'll try to catch up within the next few weeks. As of right now we've been living in the new house for 3 weeks, and unpacking and decorating has been a slow process. I am 7 weeks from having this baby, and definitely in the tired and uncomfy stages. Hubby has been so great at picking up my slack, and has kept me from doing anything too strenuous. He is overprotective, but it's so sweet. We are both so excited to meet our little man, and it I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is progressing. After the last pregnancy, it is wonderful to have such an easy pregnancy...thank God!!!

Just finished knitting Baby B's blanket last I will def. post pics of that soon. We are working on getting the nursery ready, so I will try to post some pics of that ASAP as well. Also, the goodies that I got at my first baby shower. My church is throwing me another one on the 7th, so I will have even more goodies afterwards. As for now, I am exhausted and just about ready to call it a night. I'll leave you with a pic of my baby bump from 2 weeks ago, and I'll try to remember to update with more pics of it as well!~