Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our baby boy arrived!

Baby B arrived via c-section on February 15th at 1:23 am...due to the fact the little stinker got his cord wrapped around his neck. The few days following his birth had a lot of ups and downs. After a few problems, he was transferred to Riley Children's hospital, due to seizures. I must say that watching my 5lb 3 oz, 18 1/2 in long baby have a seizure was the scariest thing I think I will ever experience. I don't have time to relay all the details, but he spent a week at Riley and was released to us on Friday afternoon. He has been doing really well at home, and is growing so fast already. He does have to take antiseizure meds twice a day, but they are hoping that by May he won't need them anymore. I am so thankful for all the prayers that were said for our family, as there were people everywhere praying for him. God is good, and we are holding a little miracle!

Monday, February 13, 2012

baby B is coming soon!

QUICK UPDATE- Went to the Dr. this morning and I got to schedule my induction. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow night to start cervidil, and then they'll start me on pitocin early Wednesday morning.......  hoping it does the trick and I respond well and dilate, which I still have not done AT ALL on my own. They said if I'm not responding well enough by Wednesday night we'll just go ahead with the c section. Hoping and praying it all goes as smoothly as possible, and hopefully my next post will be filled with pics of my precious baby boy!!! Prayers needed!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

just a few more days.......

It's crazy how fast this pregnancy had flown by, and how this last week has drug on and on. It's funny how that works! I am now 39 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday, and super ready to meet my little man. We had some blood pressure issues this week, but all of my tests came back normal, and looks like we are both still happy and healthy. I go back to the Dr. on Monday, and they're gonna at least talk about inducing me...I am not even the least bit dilated, and because of the blood pressure issues, they don't really want me to go past or too far past my due date. My Dr. also said I have a very small pelvis, and may not even be able to deliver vaginally so it looks like I may end up with a c-section anyway.

I have been on a sort of bed rest this week since the Dr. told me to stay off of my feet as much as possible until the blood pressure issues were all figured out. So, I have been knitting a lot, and trying out some new projects. Eventually I will dig out my camera and post some of these for now I'm going to relax and hope that this little guy decides to show up soon. But, I'm going to cherish every little kick and jab. Tonight I'm going to town to buy him some last minute things, and man do I love to shop for the little guy! So excited and anxious and ready to meet him!!!