Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sensitive Skin Care

Like I said, I've been working on a post about the types of makeup I use for my super sensitive skin. First, a little background. I spent quite a lot of time at the dermatologist last year with severely broken out hands and arms. They first started breaking out back in my hairstyling days, but just every now and again. After having Baby B they got much worse. After trying a few different meds and treatments, she diagnosed me with psoriasis and contact eczema. All different types of things cause me flare-ups, so the past year it has been trial and error with everyone to see if it breaks me out. The makeup I used for years even started breaking out my face. I even bought a pair of dark wash jeans once, and the dye broke out my legs.

First off, I had to switch to unscented everything. Body wash, deodorant, no scented lotion, unscented laundry detergent, and no fabric softener (though when I'm not broken out, I bend that rule a little- I really like my clothes to be soft!) And the culprit for making my hands so broken sons baby wipes. It doesn't matter what brand, any baby wipe breaks me out severely now. So, I just had to start wearing gloves when I change diapers.

The first major change I did was switch soap. I used to carry small bottles in my purse so I didn't use other soaps any where else.

This stuff is pricey, but worth it- especially when I have a flare-up! It is great for super dried out skin, I even used it as body wash. I also often use this:
It works pretty well, and this is what I use most of the time now. I use it for face wash, body wash, and hand soap. I DO miss scented washes, but they are way too irritating!

For lotion for the rest of my body, as well as facial moisturizer, I use this:

And anywhere I'm super dried out and broken out, my dermatologist recommended this:
Again, pricey- but it lasts forever! It is super greasy, but when your skin is extremely dry, that's what you want!

I am also on an oral medication, a topical steroid, and a topical ointment, but these changes have majorly contributed to helping my skin.

Here's a few of the other changes I made:

I already used this laundry detergent, but this was also what my dermatologist recommended. Like I mentioned, she said no fabric softener, but I do used it occasionally. I usually use Downy Free and Gentle or Snuggle Free Clear. This has also been gentle enough for Baby B, who also has super sensitive skin like his Mommy.

-If you buy clothes that are dark wash, or dark in color, take a lesson from me, wash it a few times first!

- Buy hypoallergenic makeups!

- Drink lots of water- you're hydrated, your skin will be too!

I just wanted to give a basis for why my skin is so sensitive, and hopefully this will help anyone who has the same type of skin issues. Now that I've given a little background, later this week I will share my favorite types of sensitive skin make-up.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment or email! Thanks!

Note: I have seen some articles about organic products, and all natural products that I just haven't tried yet...suggestions would be appreciated :-)


  1. I may have to look into some of this stuff. My PCP kind of blew off my skin issues saying it was just dry skin, but my rashes were spreading up my arm and the hand issues just keep getting worse. I know it's not psoriasis (husband has severe psoriasis) but something is obviously going on. I have really sensitive skin, allergic to certain laundry detergents and can't use a lot of lotions/washes, cleaning supplies, etc... Once I have the babies I plan on seeing either a dermatologist or an allergy doctor, but until then just trying to get by. I've also been getting occasional hives, so pretty sure there's a new allergy or the pregnancy is making things worse. Oh the joys of skin issues!

    1. I know, right! Oddly enough, pregnancy cleared my skin up- got worse after delivery. I have a friend who's been having a lot of skin issues during her pregnancy too. I highly recommend switching soap, as that helped a lot. And wearing gloves when cleaning helps too!